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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Finally I made a card. It seems like it's been so long. My fingers were getting in the way, my head was tumbling with ideas and fixes. In short, I pictured this a lot different :)
I was at Hobby Lobby with coupon in hand, looking for Spellbinders pendents since I couldn't decide which one I would really use and they didn't have the labels I'm looking for ....... I found what I thought would be a treasure. A cuttle bug eb folder with a die cut.
I still had a few chores to run so I put it aside for a bit. Excited to try it but a bit tired from the chores I decided to wait. Yesterday I started working with it. I took a piece of PL heavy weight card stock and the eb folder. Loaded up the folder with versamark, ran it through the cb and chalked the rainbow of a peacock feathers. Then I tried to cut with the die. Found out this die will only cut the very thinnest of papers. You then have to punch out the little cuts because they don't come out by themselves. So disappointed.
I went on to add the stickles on the tail and frock. Found a light weight black paper to cut the frame. I had PL vibrant violet already set up as the card base, but it needed more so I cut it to mat size and used PL heavy weight as the card base. The card is ok but I don't think I would recommend this set.
I hope you have a great stamping day. If I can get my chores caught up I might try the Christmas challenge at STV! I wonder if that idea will work? LOL


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Wow, I feel like I jinxed ya. That is exactly what I told you about the pendant dies. I looked at this peacock and had two great ideas. His tail, looks like a trellis that you can climb flowers on. I also like the paisly shape in his wings and I know I would cut that off and use a couple as embellishments behind an image. Just a thought for dual use. I think he is pretty!

Patti said...

WOWZERS..... way cool! Looks absolutely amazing!

Olga said...

You cacked me up. It's not funny but yet the way you described it, it was funny. I think the card is top notch!!