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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Monsters!

Just thought I would share. These are my younger grandchildren. Timmy is 6, Drake is 8, Robby is 4 and Elizabeth just turned two.
My son and his wife surprised us by bringing them down to see us in their costumes today. I was so happy to see them it's been a few months. Elizabeth just turned two this past August and she is really starting to talk up a storm.
Drake had to have a picture with his mask down.
I told him he was already scary enough. He just laughed.

I didn't send them Halloween cards this year, but when I found out they were coming down Bob and I went out and picked out some special candy to make them goody bags.
They had huge orange monster marshmallow suckers, candy bracelets with spiders on them, race car pez extra large blow pops and candy rings. They liked that much better than cards.
I also was able to work a little bit on a card hope to finish tomorrow, if my hand is better. Oh yes my hand lets just say it was somewhere it should not have been and my horse sorta stepped on it. Not full weight on it but enough to take skin off and bleed all the way home. I can still move everything so it's not broken. I will know more in the morning how swollen it gets. It's been several hours now and there is very little swelling now so I'm hopeful.
Hope everyone had a great day. I really did .... ok minus the horse thing.

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Patti said...

Your gkids are just adorable... almost as cute as mine LOL! Hope your hand is ok!