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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Stamping Pal

This post is for a sketch challenge over at Soul Scrappers. Funny thing about this page! Awhile back I purchased a special piece of dp to scrap this momentous event when it occurred. I searched for two days to find that one piece of dp. When I finally found it, not with all the papers but put away in my special stash pile ......... it didn't match the pictures at all. LOL Ok on to the page.
Sweety is a Mini Macaw. She is colored like the big green macaws, talks like the big macaw's but there is far less poop and a much smaller beak. When you purchase a baby bird you really don't know what sex you are getting, because they are too young to be sexed. As I was not going in the business of breeding I really didn't care what sex my baby bird was. She received her name because she used to sit in my arms and just love to be rubbed under her collar. She would make these cute little noises.
Then as she matured about three years old, all of the sudden she started making these very loud noises under her paper that lines her cage. It sounded like she was screaming. I went to check it out and surprise she charged me, screaming even louder. Later in the evening as the sun went down I tried to check again and bribed her with her favorite treat to come out of the cage. There sat these three eggs I was just astonished!
That is it for now, I have a bunch of little thing I must get done.
Have a wonderful day or evening depending :)


The Other Patti Sue said...

She is one beautiful bird GF! So did you get babies? Love you SB page!

Betty Benton said...

Thanks for introducing us to Sweety!!

sunshinemary said...

What a beautiful bird, I have a cat (Milo) that sits with me when I scrap. By the way she hatch her eggs?

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Well now, there is Sweety! i have only known her by her voice, LOL! Cool page, Colleen!