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Sunday, March 13, 2011

1 Summer Day

A sketch challenge at Soul-Scrappers.
1 Summer Day, my husband found a sale on rocket kits at our local Hobby Lobby store. I asked him if it would be a good idea to take a rocket over to our grandsons, we used to do rockets with their dad. You see there are three of them of varied ages and interest so to buy each one something is sometimes difficult and expensive. I thought the rocket would fit the bill for all of them. He agreed since it was like $5.00 and the kit had everything you need.
We called ahead to make sure they were all there and off we went, knowing they have a large park just down the street.
We gathered them in the car, showed them the rocket and they had no clue. There is little assembly required to the starter kits, so we were ready to go in minutes after arriving to the park, thank goodness because you don't want to keep three boys under the age of 6 waiting if you know what I mean.
We did the countdown and had perfect lift off. The boys watched in amazement as the rocket went out of site and started to come back down. Off they went to locate the parachute. We launched it three more times one time with each. I hope they look back at this and remember all the fun. I will however have to do a page for each boys album.
Well I need to get ready for work now, I hope to be back with another page later.
Have a wonderful day what ever you are doing.


The Other Patti Sue said...

So much fun! I'm sure you and DH created wonderful memories for the boys! You rock gma!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

You guys are sure rockin out the projects this weekend! My DH is home and has me holding ladders. I must say, it is quite chilly outside. I do have a cute photo om my Jessie Girl for later this week! That is as close to adorable kids as I get right now....lol!

Patti P. said...

Wow, this is the perfect scrapbook page. I love your story and I know that the boys will cherish this memory and the scrapbook. Great colors and embellies for your LO.

Betty Benton said...

What a fun tale of a memory making day!! Bet your guys will always remember it!