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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Stamp TV has changed up their challenge format a bit. The DT is now hosting the two weekly challenges one on Monday and one on Friday.
Mondays challenge was to focus on flowers, any kind and color. This is what I came up with after talking to my Granddaughter.
She called me from New York asking if I would send her some pictures she had in her locker when she was in fifth grade about 5 years ago now. Over the last five years she has lived in about 10 different places she has stuff scattered all over. Most of her important possessions are here with me, the only real safe place she knows as she says. Funny how she thinks safe enough for her most prized possessions, but to much like jail for her. LOL Anyway I was going through the pictures and found this one. There was a time way back before boys and attitude set in when Adrieene would craft with me. She loved doing scrapbooks and making projects for her mom and dad. Painting, coloring, drawing and computer things were her very favorite.
She made this on the computer with a program I have.
Valerie, my daughter passed away when she was only 3 the short time they had with each other was well documented thank goodness.
I will be sending this and about 13 other pictures to her with this card and her instrument she left at her dad's when she was here on spring break.
I hope to be back a bit later with more projects. Bob is leaving out this morning after we cut the grass. I should have a few hours to craft.
I also have a picture of triplets to share and one of my very favorite trees that is currently in full bloom on my property right now.
Till later then.


Olga said...

wonderful story, thanks for sharing! Gorgeous card, good luck with the challenge, and fantastic page, your grand daughter is beautiful!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Love the picture of Valerie, Colleen. It is such a shame that kids can't be kids. Glad you have all of A's things in safe storage. Love what you came up with and the inspiration came from a wonderful place.

Patti P. said...

Such a great card and story, tfs. I wish things could be different for all of you.