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Thursday, October 4, 2012


This sure is taking much longer than expected! I'm sure you are all laughing LOL.
What started out to be a simple plan has now grown into a full blown redo. The picture includes items I'm using to sew my curtains for the room. I purchased the yellow material and two of the bags you see on the left. I have one already taken apart to quilt squares for the curtains. Can you see that amazing button trim, that should be going on the valance if everything goes as planed. It will take a bit longer to cut and put all my squares together. I just was not happy with the material by itself.  As you can tell I always tend to make more work for myself on projects. You can see the paint color in the background. At first I didn't like it after I was finished. It is really starting to grow on me and makes the room so much brighter.
We have most of the wood needed to build my desk and some shelves. It took 3 hours at our local home improvement store after 6 hours of work last weekend just to pick up the wood and various fasteners needed to complete the 12 foot desk area and some shelves for the stamping area. Bob and I both came home exhausted and he had to leave out Sunday morning so that was all we could get done. We hope to get more done this weekend.
Have a fun day,


Linda W. said...

I love the new paint color Colleen! Very pretty and will make you feel very creative while in there! I love that button trim - omgoodness, I am sold. Gotta make me one now! Best of luck - keep us posted!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Okay, so the phone version and the photo version are worlds apart. You had me so scared! I can see your vision now. That trim rocks! Hope you have a productive weekend. Work is whooping my tail this week. Not much crafting here.