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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hi everyone, as most of you know I've been out in blogland finding all sorts of new trouble to get in. LOL One day while searching blogs I can across a dictionary challenge at The Craft Barn.
It just started in January and runs every two weeks, this time the letter they gave was "H".
Each time I find a new use for my art I run into unexpected problems or gifts shall we say. This was no exception. I started with a dictionary I purchased at the dollar store. A dictionary is a dictionary right? I was so wrong ..... because of the materials the $1 dictionary was made of even with pasting the pages together I could not get a good surface to work on.(Lesson #1) Speaking of pasting pages together you can see all the wrinkles more paste is better than less.(Lesson #2). Now if you are going to stamp on the book remember it has a crease and your block/stamp might not fit all the way(Lesson#3). If you are stamping, your inks have to play nice not only with each other but with the text and your Gesso(Lesson#4). It helps if you can pick a word in the  "letter" that falls directly in the middle of the group of words your letter is using, equal pages on both sides(Lesson #5) That is way enough lessons for one project.  So I went to the middle of the "H's" once I figured that would be best, and what word did I find hide/hidden. This whole page was meant to be as whimsical as I could make it. If you personally knew me you would know that for the most part I'm pretty much the serious go by the book person so this was so much fun. I have hidden creatures and 1/2 hidden creatures, even a mask on a girl. See how many creatures/and items you can find hiding or 1/2 hidden.
I used a number of stamps, from a number different companies. If any details are wanted please ask. This whole inspiration came from that fox stamp up in the left page that had never been inked. He looked so mischievous I just had to do this page. 
I hope I provided you all with a smile for the day at least.


Scrapmate said...

What a fabulous whimsical entry to the challenge. You seem to have learnt a lot of lessons very successfully.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I blew it up, and peeked around. I think I am in love with this! My favorite stamps are the wind up birds!

Cazzy said...

Fabulous page and well done on overcoming the problems, I have the same things going on!

Maggie said...

Your page made me smile and it seems I have also learned some of your lessons on my journey through this challenge lol, its all good fun and addictive "lesson 6" lol.


Sylv said...

what fabulous fun pages, love the stamps and the bright colours.

Sylv xx

Betty Benton said...

I'm wondering what might be hiding in the mailbox -- a love letter? your first check from the lottery you won? or maybe a "thinking of you" card from one of your online buddies? A fun project!

The Craft Barn said...

FANTASTIC page, so much going on here! Well done
Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

The Craft Barn said...

I'm back. Reading your "lessons" I can give you some advice.
To glue pages together, use a gel medium (but you're right, not too much). The key is to apply it on BOTH the pages you want to glue. Not just on one side and press the other page on. Because you are using a gel, it will take more time to dry, therefore you have time to smoothen the page with a ruler. You will get less wrinkle.
Advice #2, invest in the Golden Absorbent Ground, which is a gesso that makes your pages more absorbent. Hence you can use watercolour and die-based inks more easily.
If you have any question, email me, I'll be happy to help