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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Industrial Snowman (January 2014 Tim Holtz Tag)

Hi, I wasn't going to do the tag this month because even though I have have many, many Tim Holtz products I don't have them all. I tend to pick ones I like or think I may have use for, unfortunately he and I don't think alike. LOL He is always picking things I don't have nor will I use in the future. That being said, I love doing tags and watching his technique filled monthly challenge. I even search out extra you tube videos with instructions on how some of his products can be used in ways you never thought. I'm so lucky to have purchased his paints when they first came out because they are really versatile.
Which brings me to my tag, I found a video on you tube using his paints, water, glossy cardstock and cling wrap to create this wonderful sorta cracked look. It reminds me of how the windows frost up during winter. I used a whole 81/2 X 11 sheet of paper, pulled my cling wrap out  leaving wrinkles in, I spread out Chipped Sapphire, Pickled Raspberry, and Salty Ocean spritzed with water and turned it onto my glossy card stock. I put it aside to do it's thing and went on to cutting my die parts.
On Tim's tag he used the foil, eb folder and the pocket watch die. I don't have that one. I thought since it was January, my technique looked like frost on a window I would use my snowman. An industrial(foil) Snowman??? I prepared my grunge paper with foil put it through the die. I was sure I had the eb folder he used, but no his is different but similar to the set I have, Pocket watches and Steampunk. I decided to used both folders since he used a Pocket watch die and gears eb. After embossing them I used my Black Soot paint over the all the pieces and put them aside to dry while I cut the rest of the die, hat, hat band, arms, eyes, scarf, and holly leaves out of scraps of dp.  The foil pieces were dry so I sanded them. Tim used rub on numbers on his tag, I checked mine and my rub ons didn't have numbers in them, however in my Urban Chic set CMS086 I did have the numbers so I stamped them in Archival Black. He used his ChitChat stickers, different words than I but mine fit my project and his big tickets(mine is the small ticket) then I used Concord Grape to ink all the edges. I used Burgundy stickles to make three little holly berries on the hatband. A few markers here and there to add some interest and done. I forgot the charm, I will add it later.
Tim also used a stencil, which I can say I almost purchased a bundle of all his stencils at the show this year in retrospect I wish I would have. I already have so many stencils they would have duplicated some I have. So I wanted to pick and now can't find the ones I want.
So what do you think of my Industrial Snowman? Tim always says he just wants us to create, learn how versatile his products are and push our limits. I have to say this one was more fun than just following along because it forced me to think and use products in ways that I normally wouldn't. 
Sorry it's so long hope you stayed with me.

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Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Well now, isn't he quite the snowman! I really love the clock tummy, and I am sure Tim would approve!