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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hi, just thought I would share this month's Paper Artsy art journal page. I know you have heard me talk many times about Darcy over at Paper Artsy... here is a link to her pages for this month.
One of the expectations to this challenge is to describe why you chose to do the challenge so here goes
1 I love learning about and working in my art journal.
2 Darcy always explains her steps so well(even if I still manage to goof some up).
3 Darcy always invites you to make your page your own and encourages you to try new techniques.
4 these pages really were a challenge because one of the main techniques used flower stencils I don't even have and I challenged myself to make flowers with the stencils I have.

Before we get into the details, of how and what I would really like to share what I've learned. From the very start I found out
Just adding these few scraps of paper makes a huge difference the way I looked at the page. I've seen others throw scraps on their pages and thought (why?) now I know. Even though they say nothing and look as if they have no value what so ever for me they made starting the page less daunting. They also, even covered up give more texture and depth to the page.  I was almost paralyzed when it came to making my flowers
finally I threw caution to the wind and said what is the worst that can happen ..... I think my flowers turned out OK not at first but I kept working with them until I was feeling good about my attempt. Are they great? no not all of them but I did find out what works. The other technique I had a hard time with was the stems, and no mine don't look like Darcy's but I'm still happy with them. When I tried to do what Darcy explained I was too heavy handed on the black which I quickly removed. I instead used a charcoal pencil in layers of wiping and reapplying to get a shadowy look. I LOVE WORKING IN MY JOURNAL.
Now if your interested in the detail you should read on.
The very top three flowers were made using grunge paste through a flames stencil I thought they could maybe be frilled tulips or iris.  They look a bit better in person, however I really didn't get the look I wanted. The next row of two flowers I used the TH lattice stencil and grunge paste I was a bit happier with those. for the last row of to flowers I used the mini burst stencil and these probably most resemble a flower shape.
I did use the same type of material under my grunge paste flowers. That in it self was a challenge.
Darcy provided 12 techniques to explore
  • recycling old painty scrap paper
  • Grunge paste,  stamping into, grunge paste on fabric
  • Colouring fabric with paint
  • Mixing opaque paints to create new shades
  • Doodled outlines
  • Using black and white pens to define lettering
  • Using Treasure Gold
  • Create a paint swatch/pallette to choose shades from
  • Stencilling onto tissue paper
  • Creating runny paint for dripping
  • Using crackle glaze
  • Using scrunched up tissue to stamp with
 From the list above I completed the following #1, #2, #3, #4? I did mix some paints I only have 4 Fresco paints so far so I had to use some TH as well. #5 most were covered up but if you look real close on the right hand page by the middle flower you can still see some. #6 Ok this is the one I sorta messed up, but I did use paint and my own printing to form the word (extra brave). #8 I did make a small pallet because I was mixing Fresco and TH paints to get close to Darcy's colors. #9 I did make some tissue flowers, but with stamping and cutting. #10 My paint was really runny LOL #11 I used a crackle stamp to achieve my crackle effect as I have no crackle paste yet.  Some how I missed step #12.
That's it for now. 
Personal Note:
The BIG day is quickly approaching one more test to pass tomorrow and then Sunday she will walk across the stage a high school graduate. Please say an extra prayer the test goes well so she can graduate.


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

She will be fine, G-ma! Love your page and the explanation on how you got there!

Dee's father in law is in surgery as I type, and all this with 35 people arriving on Saturday for Brian's #1.

Darcy UK said...

You did a great job, LOVE those drips. I am a huge fan of drips, splats, and dots lol(maybe that just says I am a really messy person lol)

Your flower stems are perfect for YOUR page, you have to own it, take the techniques and make them yours.. and you did that. With limited supplies you created a fantastic page.