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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sparkle & Shine Challenge

Today I'm posting my entry for the Sparkle & Shine challenge on the Finnabair blog. As most of you know I've been trying to dabble in Mixed Media. I watch several You Tube videos a week on the subject in fact I've come to learn that some of my favorite artists are on Finnabair team. She sells her products through Prima and with the recent CHA convention released new items and that is how I found her blog a CHA video. 

With the release of new product she decided to have a Blog Hop and a challenge. I visited all the blogs and the ideas started in fact there were so many rumbling around in my head it was sorta paralyzing. I do not have half the materials these gals have much less the practice or natural born talent. I was digging through all my stash and found this beautiful shiny paper and that is where it began.
 I made these beautiful shiny tea roses with TH's Pine Cone die. With the paper being so shiny and the hounds tooth pattern I thought I should go modern ....... and I made it as a gift for an 18 yr old girl. She loves feathers and since I do a lot of crafting for her I just happened to have some sparkling ones on hand.

 I added some shiny leaves and mirrored TH's Trellis along with some Prima Say it in Crystals. 
Since Valentines Day is coming up I decided to make a heart, so I drew out a modern heart pattern on plain paper, tore a flap off a box and went to work tracing, cutting, and removing the outer layer to expose the corrugation. I cut a split in the heart, painted, glittered with three different colors and added glass beads to fill the split. I tied around it with some black shiny yarn, added a hat pin and flower.
 Detail of the top right corner, left overs from scrapbooking times I added crystals to them and pewter paint.
 Shot of the background I used black gesso, washi tape, stencils with paste I colored, stamps with embossing tinsel, and spray mix with Pearl EX.
Lower right of background, more stencils and colored paste, crystals and that silver thing well that is an old scrapbooking item also. It's one of those acrylic dots you can put over something you want magnified. 
So that is it I worked on this for two weeks everyday, I drove my friend nuts because I would message her pictures and say I'm stuck or what looks wrong and she was always there to help. Thanks so much for being a very supportive friend.
Well there is a huge prize up for the best project so wish me luck :). Even if I don't win I had so much fun pulling this one together and my Grand Daughter gets something new to hang on her wall.
Thanks for stopping by I hope ya all hung in there.


The Other Patti Sue said...

Beautiful work my friend!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

The background is amazing an you did such a fantastic job with balance and placement. Love it!

Riikka Kovasin said...

Fantastic project! Thank you for joining the Finnabair "Sparkle and Shine" challenge!