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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What the HEART Sees

This is a journal page for the Blue and Ochre challenge at Paper Artsy  I was inspired by Chris's pages Born for Joy.  I love working in my journal it gives me the chance to try different techniques, colors, color families, images and stencil groupings. There is a lot of stuff on this page so I'm just going to get right into that.

Stencils: Jofy PS007, Darcy E3 PS031, TCW Miniture Dots and TCW Heart Confetti
Stamp sets: Jofy 24, Darcy EDY02, Darcy EDY17
Mediums and tools: Golden Extra Heavy Gel (gloss) dropper, credit card, sea sponge, small brushes 
Card Stock White and Jute twine.
Paints and Inks: Paper Artsy Chalk Acrylic in Yellow Submarine both plain and mixed 5 drops to one with Mud Splat (made my Ochre) and Southern Skies, Snowflake and two High Flow acrylics Persian Blue and Cerulean Blue.
The background is a mixture of my high flow inks followed by some stenciling of the cattails using first my yellow submarine then the 5 to 1 mixture then I added another bit to what I had left to my sea sponge and dabbed hopefully giving a 3D look. I finished up my stenciling with the highflow mixed with the gloss gel and the two TCW stencils. The background still looked a bit weak and my cattails were floating in air so I took my sea sponge and dabbled all the left over paint on the bottom 1/4 of the page. I used a small stamp from set EDY17 with a bit of  snowflake and stamped. I them proceeded to stamp all my images color with my Fresco paints and fussy cut. arranged them all struggled with the stems and leaves that when the Jute came into play. Before I glued everything down the bottom still looked bare so I stenciled the big dots off Darcy's stencil. Then glued. If you look real close you will see I also cut the tiniest pieces of jute for my butterfly body.  
That's it.


Bryan Evans said...

Great take on the challenge. Love the colours you have used. The butterflies really bring it all to life.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

This reminds me of nighttime down by the lake... I am not sure if the tall things are pods or cattails but we have both growing. Okay, I see you said cattails.The little dots look like fireflies and I love the colors.

Corrie Herriman said...

Gorgeous !