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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so proud!

She did it! It took a lot of extra credit work and of course passing the constitution test. Her stomach churned for weeks but she made it!
Graduation time!

Adrieene and her dad at her 8TH grade graduation on Tuesday. It has been a long few weeks, this young girl has fought hard to get to this moment.
I went to get her on Friday so I could get her a dress and shoes for the occasion. After finding her dress and shoes, she slept for 15 hours. Her fight to get to graduate these past few weeks had just worn her out. As you can see the shoes she just had to have came off right after she left the gym where the ceremony was held. The dress well let's just say that wasn't my first pick, but she insisted cute was for little girls, 8Th graders want to be hot!
She got her wish in more ways than one it was at least 90 degrees in that gym with no air movement. We didn't get back to Wisconsin until midnight. I think I'm still tired.
I'm off today finally, I have to do some weeding then I'm going to try to make a card I hope. It's been far too long since I've been able to play.
Have a great day.


Betty Benton said...

Well, congratulations are in order!! Now she (and you!) can relax for a bit!!

Olga said...

Just remember, Girls will be Girls, and you DON"T mess with thier fashions !! LOL. Congrats to her and now every one can kick back and rest!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I am really happy for all of you. Glad she saw that hard work pays off. Love the color of the dress! I was ready to send out the mounties to find you.