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Sunday, August 22, 2010

All I asked was

All I asked was that my husband get a piece of scrap wood from the basement and make a stand for the printer because it was resting on one of those plastic three drawer things with two of the 8 1/2 ones on top of that and board supporting the printer. Well the three drawer thing finally gave way and .......
While I was gone to work on Saturday 6 hours, he didn't make it :(.
He did however venture in the room and look around. When I came home he said he had an idea. He would take the white shelving unit you see in the corner and turn that into the printer stand. I said and ...... what will I do with all the stuff? He said you mean the junk falling all over everywhere? Yes but it is kinda working for me!
I can do better he said!
Here is the printer stand, and the part he made better! I've always had the table it is just so much cleaner now with all my new storage. Except now I can't find anything and I'm two days behind on chores and crafting! LOL All worth it though.

I hope your weekend is great! I will be back later with some tags I completed for two different challenges. Thanks for letting me share!



Marge said...

I have found myself picking up my messy table more often lately than ever before & I've always known it helps me feel creative, so it's becoming one of my "good habits" now. Weird how putting everything away in its place makes us want to get a bunch of that same stuff back out of its place and create with it, huh?!!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Lookie how nice and neat everything is! Good job to you and hubby! That looks like a big printer!

Olga said...

this is awesome! Good job you and & your hubby did.