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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Card today!

I've been having computer issues and connection issues the past two days, so please excuse me for missing your blogs.

On a happy note, Sunday I was able to go to my littlest granddaughters birthday party. I thought I would just put up her picture while I get busy trying to find all my stuff after the DSL techs and my husband have now finished their "improvements" in my craft room!

This would be Elizabeth who is now 2 my son's last child of 4 in this marriage. Her 3 brothers are pictured with her below. On to cleaning!
Wait did I say cleaning???? I mean making a card for Joan's challenge! I can find my way threw this mess! Hope to be back later with my card!

Thanks for letting me share!


Patti said...

Super cute gkids.... almost as cute as mine :0) Just kidding, they are really,really cute!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

She is a sweet dolly, Colleen! Hope the party went well and that you were not too late. The boys are cute too but you know how it is cooing of little girls. TFS!