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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mary Anne Gets Swans

and I get this! First chance to post in a bit. Things have so busy with work and other stuff! I don't even have a card but I do have a picture of my visitor!
Mary Anne gets visits from lovely swans and I get a bat. I guess that says were I stand! LOL
Just thought I would share.
He/she is actually quite cute and furry. He was on the screen in my family room and the dogs just couldn't figure it out. They sat so still for a number of minutes with their heads cocked to the side. Looking at their eyes they seemed to be saying too big to be a fly? It's not moving? What now is it?
That's it for today.
Have a great day!


Patti P. said...

Colleen, how funny! I bet your babies were so funny to watch...I can just see that. I know bats are good to keep away bugs but, they are not my favorite. That being said, I hope that was picture was made with a zoom. Take care.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Umm Patti..... she said it was the size of a grapefruit! I don't have hairy bats in PA. I will keep my swans! This is just nasty!

Olga said...

OH My God!!!! I would of died!!!!! Hope it was outside on the screen! or I'd be moving LOL

Patti said...


Betty Benton said...

I'm liking my little birdie better, Colleen! I hadn't seen your visitor -- thanks for giving me a heads up -- I would have hated to have missed this post! Don't worry about not having a card -- he's a pretty good Halloween post!