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Friday, November 5, 2010


I Know it took me a bit, but here it is.
My friend Mary Anne, gifted me with this awesome new award. Isn't she awesome If you follow all the directions that come with it, you can receive a $5.00 gift certificate from Digi's With Attitude. You can find all the specifics right here.
One of the rules of the award is that you must tell 3 unknown facts about yourself:

1) I collect penguins, like others collect snowmen
2) I don't like clothes shopping
3) I'm spoiled only having to drive 3 minutes to work.

Now I must hook up 5 deserving Bloggers:

1 Marge Who befriended me at JustRite blog
2 Selma Who we all know from STV, she really was one of the first to help me with a card.
3 Patti P Who makes some of the best cards from digi's I've ever seen and without her help I wouldn't have been even able to pick this up :)
4 Jennifer Who stepped up and helped out with OLW
5 Linda W. A new cyber friend from Joan's Garden Challenge.

I hope my friends enjoy their award.
Thanks again Mary Anne

1 comment:

Linda W. said...

Oh Colleen - I feel sooooooo special! I'm so new at blogging so I'll try hard to do this right! Thank you for nominating me too!