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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Adrieene's card

I thought I would put up a new card. This one went out to my Adrieene who is now finally talking to again. It took a bit, I think she finally realized who she has always been able to count on.
She called me yesterday and said she got her card so I can post it.
I hope all my cyber friends get their cards as well and have a wonderful holiday.
I have to get busy and get the little grand kids cards done so I can mail them on Monday.
Hope to be back if my energy holds :(.


Selma said...

Very cute card Colleen.

Patti said...

Awwww super adorable Colleen! You have a very Merry Christmas my friend!

Betty Benton said...

Precious card -- you hang in there, GF!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Coming off of being so sick, my friend, you are doing a great job! Don't push it! I am sure she loved this gorgeous card.