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Monday, September 5, 2011

Horsing Around

Horsing around yesterday! I know I should be making cards or something ...... Yesterday was the first chance we were able to spend any real time all summer with our horses. It's been so hot here with very high humidity the bugs have been atrocious. Normally we just go out and give them horse treats brush them kiss them and leave before I get too many bites. LOL
Yesterday morning the conditions were perfect so off we went with camera in hand.
This is Summer VJ, my horse. I purchased her about 6 months after my daughter accident, she was only 3 months old at the time. We became good friends very fast. We snuggled while she slept next to her mom in the stall. Soon we became inseparable. Everyday rain,shine,snow after I would go visit the cemetery I went to see Summer. Her soft brown eyes were so comforting. We were going to train her to ride when she was two because that is when you are suppose too. During that winter just before she turn two somehow she injured her knee. Shattered it in fact! As one could imagine it was horrific all over again. My husband was at work when I got the call to come over to the ranch. She was just so sad looking and all I could do was cry hysterically, and I kept saying I can't loose her too. The poor people at the ranch didn't know what to make of it. So they took my cell phone and called my husband at work. He explained what was happening and asked them if I could just stay there until he arrived (from two hours away). They brought me blankets to cover with because I wouldn't leave her stall. The vet was on the way. Do you know they have portable xray machines for horses? It was now fact her knee was shattered. The ranch people explained why I wouldn't leave her side. The doctor said they have the very best surgeon in the country but still they gave her a 40-60% of walking again. By then my husband had arrived. I knew the next question how much? But he didn't even say that he just said what are we waiting for! He went with her to the hospital and stayed with us. They were great, we stayed all night and her surgery was the next morning. They had to shave her leg so I took off my winter boots and one of my wool socks asked for scissors cut the toe off and put that over her leg for warmth. The doctor pulled my husband aside and said are you kidding me? My husband just laughed and said that is what a mom does. Then the doctor understood. After surgery she needed to be confined for about three months and lots of rehab. Look at her now!!!!! They saved her :) She is able to be ridden just not hard and not daily. Her knee looks kinda funny and does sometimes swell. But all in all I didn't lose her. So happy 8th birthday Summer VJ.
I better work on that card now!


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Love all the photos of Summer VJ! Great story and so glad I took a break and came to read it, my friend.

The Other Patti Sue said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and so is your story! There is a true bond between a woman and her horse... one some people just never understand. So happy Summer VJ helps heal your heart!

Patti P. said...

Oh, you did exactly what you should be doing...what makes you happy. I love your story and totally understand. I am so happy that she is able to be there for you and you for her. You made my day.

Betty Benton said...

You should most definitely have spent the day with Summer VJ! Sounds like it was the perfect day for it and thanks for sharing your/her story and photos!

Olga said...

great story, happy ending.......she is a beautiful horse!!!!