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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Four Days Off of Work!

Second post! Check prior post for card! I was really tired of work so I asked for some time off. Normally I only get one day a week off, there maybe days I only go in for a few hours but it is still hanging over my head and I feel the crunch of time.
So I had big plans for my days off, cleaning closets, spring cleaning, organizing my craft room and lots of card making.
I started by stripping my guest bathroom. I figured I could wash the curtains(shower&window) while I was straightening my craft room. When the curtains were finished and didn't really come clean the way I wanted. I started a search for a new shower curtain, finding one I liked on sale only Fourteen dollars at TJ Max. Brought it home and decided I need to paint the walls. I have been living in Builders Ivory for the past six years. I went to Menards to find my paint on the way to the paint aisle, I found the prettiest wallpaper. After finding picking up the wallpaper I passed the glass tile aisle and just could not pass up these beautiful Tuscan looking tile for a backsplash. OK now finally at the paint aisle I matched the wallpaper to the paint for the top part of the walls, then realized I needed ceiling paint too.
Well yesterday was my last day off, I only made one card, didn't get the closets cleaned or my craftroom. I spent the time doing the bathroom! I will have pictures as soon as we get some sun. Just thought I would share. Maybe it doesn't sound so funny in writing as it did while I was going through it.
Have a fun day gotta get ready for work.


Olga said...

u gonna need time off before you go back to work LOL

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Yep, what Olga said. Sounds like how things just sorta happen at my house. He gutted the main bathroom 4-6 weeks ago, and there it sits. He got so busy at work that he didn't know whether to itch, scratch, or wind his watch! Good job on picking out all the stuff! I would not be able to decide on that many things.

The Other Patti Sue said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! Funny how a quick job can turn into a complete makeover!