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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Play Time

Well I finally did it! On Sunday I had a bit of extra time so I made my first background.
It went kinda OK I think I had way to much water and ink though. I first wet with water then sprayed 3 of the colors on the right page. It was running all over so I brought the left page up over it to soak some of the ink up.
It was a mess I had ink all over my hands.
Then I started building my background with different techniques I've learned by watching Dyan on You Tube. Since this was my very first play time I wanted to try them all.
This one on the left is the second page I did, but the first in the book. You will notice it is much cleaner than the other(less water) It is the one I flipped to mop up the other. On this one I stamped the girl on cardstock and colored with a paint brush and Dyan's sprays. I did a little extra cutting when I cut out her head because I wanted all the hair hanging. I used cardstock and embossed resist on the sun then cut to make shapes. I used Gesso on bubble wrap for the white scratchy circles on both pages, for the little grid like squares I used Gesso on my Piercer Tool on plopped it on. 
On this one, which was my first one I just stamped the girl directly on the inked page after it dried. I used the same techniques on this one as the one above. Just a lot more stamping and trying different things out.
Yes, I'm still working on my altered book I just set it aside for this today.
I may give you a sneak peak later this week. Not sure if I'm happy with the layout yet. 
OK well that is it for me. I have to get to a meeting at work.
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Just love what you are creating! I can tell you are having a blast! It took 5 hours this morning to get the computer to let me see blogs. Ugh. I hate computer trouble!

Betty Benton said...

I love all your colors, Colleen! I think you have found the niche that brings you joy -- keep on having fun!!

Mary Steinemtz said...

I love your colors on this page, I having for months to accomplish this look, and so far I haven't done it. I'll have to reread your post and see if I can do, I just love both of those pages. Thanks for sharing.