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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hubby Want's a Home Cooked Meal?

But honey, look what the mailman brought!
I've been waiting for over a week for these goodies. Yes I'm getting a bit crazy and going off into other things. I probably will not get to play with these today but  I'm really enjoying all my toys and challenges. The next challenge on EP is to alter a book. I was always taught to never mark up or destroy a book. I was really lucky when I went through the books, I found a duplicate.  I'm just going to put a few pictures in now so you can see what I will be working on. Keep your fingers crossed the pork chops don't burn. LOL

Blogger is not being my friend today I can't line these up right. Look at all the pretty color on the picture page, I will not be touching the picture pages. Only redoing the ones with words! Hope you are having fun today.
Those of you in the path of the storm please take care.


Patti P. said...

Looks like loads of fun. Can't wait to see your altered book.

Olga said...

just have fun, that's whats important LOL

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Somehow, I just knew you were going to end up covered in Dylusions! LOL! Oh my goodness.... well have fun! You burn dinner and he will make you send it all back.

Tracy said...

Hahaha hope the pork chops turned out okay!!
Some great stash you have there .