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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Journal Page

Here it is my entry in Soulscrapers journal challenge this month. After several hours of Youtube videos I found inspiration in this page  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndZwXIDYpXI 
My pages are not exact, I do follow her ideas very close. Her Journal is 5 X 7 mine is 9 x 11, so I had much more space to fill and was doing mine for a different theme. You really have to see the process to see all the layers in this project. Layers upon layers and that my friends is something I was really struggling with. I couldn't understand why you would put a layer on and oh say wipe half off or even sometimes cover it up completely. After several tries at one of these pages I decided to do more investigation, watching hours of the process on Youtube videos. Each layer has its own purpose and either ends up reacting with the above layer or some how showing through the top layer. I learned that exact is the worst in the Mixed Media world. To get a project that works you must be willing to experiment and get to know what your products will do when mixed with others. I hope you can see the photo, this was also an experiment. I took a photo taken 13 years ago and melted it to a photo taken two years ago.  It may have not come out perfect, but I think it is the best I can do and really fits in with the theme of my page.
There you have it.
P. S. I have lots to say about my visit with Tim Holtz  on my next post when I have more time.   


Mary Steinemtz said...

This out great I just love it. I recently brought a smaller journal book. I have started it yet, but after seeing you gorgeous pages. Wow, you give me inspiration.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Sorry I have been absent... just needed a bit of a break. This is a great journal page, Colleen. I wish it was fashionable to use colorful leaves all year long. I sure would!