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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tim Holtz Tags 2015 January

Tim's tags are very important to me, because he teaches us how to use his products in many different ways. He strongly believes in versatility with his products so crafters can get the most for their money. I'm taking a different approach to the tags this year ....... sometimes I have all the products and sometimes I don't and he is about to come out with a whole new line with CHA coming up so budget wise it's impossible to purchase everything. LOL I think, I hope, I have acquired enough of his different products to make it work. He really does not require you to use his products either, I think it's only fair to do so, whenever possible as he the designer himself is putting so much time into teaching and inspiring us. That being said here we go!
This months my tag is all about resolutions in crafting and life. All my supplies are sorta listed throughout my description and they are all Tim's products(Finally).
We first covered our tag in his beautiful tissue wrap and scrunching as we went along the tag. I had to do this step twice because my first try didn't reveal as much texture as I wanted. I picked different colors of paint than Tim just because those are the colors I'm feeling right now. Paint with fingers and water down to blend. Distress with a stain color of your choice. The next step was to arrange your focal points, letters, numbers and embellishments(do not glue down). Pick out chit chat stickers to evoke your feeling, desires ect. Tim used white I used the kraft because I thought the white was taking over my colors. I started to pick out my stickers and arrange them around my elements I had to do this step twice also because collage is something I'm still working on. How do you arrange items in mass so they are pleasing to the eyes? Once you get them arranged glue down and seal. This step is important as you will be adding more paint and you do not want it to bleed with your background of water based products. NOTE TO SELF mod podge is water based. OK new sealer on list. LOL That being said I used my gun to dry my paint, so the colors were permanent. Put that aside to dry and prepare your elements. Glitter the number 5 glitter???? No color that matches??? Remember when he taught us to color with alcohol ink? Pull out my inks and Rock Candy Glitter puff the perfect color. I wish I would have base coated the number first to achieve better color from the glitter. Lesson learned I coated my written numbers with picket fence let air dry gotta get the dogs up. Came back and added Seedless Preserve paint and removed some after partial drying. My next element was one of his butterfly dies with Wallflower Paper Stash (love this stuff) and backed with Grungepaper I added one of his Wishbones for the body and antenna. Then used one of his arrows as he did only mine is coated with Salty Ocean paint. Before adding all the elements we outlined our stickers with Picked Raspberry marker and smudged. Next splattered watered down Picket Fence all over the tag. This is where the Mod Podge gave me a little problem. Added all the prepared elements and splattered again I used Antique Bronze paint he used the spray thing and Krylon marker. I added one of his heart charms and one of his pearls to one of his wire pins onto the crinkle ribbon. Here are two close up views.

 That's it for now! I know it was long thanks for staying with me :) 


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I know that the TH vision is to look random, but if it possible to practice being random, you are doing a good job. Each project you do gets more awesome!

Katy Leitch said...

Love your colourful version of Tim's tag!

Margik said...

Love your creative tag!