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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wild Girl

Paper Artsy has changed their challenge format to a two week challenge, which is great that just gives us more time to play and do more involved projects. This time the challenge is "Fragile Papers". I was inspire just hearing the video explaining all the different "papers" you can use as I started pulling papers out of my stash because I have at least one of everything.  This can be anything from old book pages, vellum, mulberry, handmade, wipes with mop-up on them ect. for my first project I used some old wipes I had saved after cleaning up from another PA project. My colors are Dusty Teal and Amethyst from one of the limited edition sets. These wipes have been hanging around my desk since before the summer ended.
I had just cut out this silhouette from the cover of a magazine, fits perfect on a tag. So here we go .... I used my pinking shears to cut strips of the baby wipe, tied knots in the top to get a more fluffy 3-D look started adhering from the bottom up. I did have problems with the knots, I really questioned why these were breaking off so easy? When used on baby bottoms, sure they are delicate but really? Then it dawned on me to try to wet them I knew they wouldn't run because PA Fresco paints are permanent. It worked and the rest of the knots were easier. Since I'm also determined to use up some of my stash I was hunting around and decided the big purple button and small black flower button could be used as earrings,  The flower in the hair was a no brainer I edged it with some PA Amethyst, While searching I came found a pack of vellum flowers with these ferns in the rest is history had to use them. I coated the edges with gesso and added some Rock Candy glitter.
So now that you are at the end ...... Remember when I said it is my first project? Want a peek at what I'm working on?
I first mapped this out on typing paper, now it's on tissue. I will be trying to follow the tissue painting video here wish me luck. More to follow.


Etsuko Noguchi said...

Gorgeous tag Colleen! Fabulous idea of the hair accessories and the earring. Beautiful colours combo Dusty Teal and Amethyst. I love it! xxx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful colours and ideas, colleen,

Lucy x

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

You can never tell what you are getting into... LOL! Great tag and I am intrigued with what you are working on.

Hazel Agnew said...

Yay, great to see you here again. love the fluffy baby wipes, great idea Colleen. love it!x

~*~Patty S said...

Great use of materials to create your lovely tag!
CREATE is such a powerful word too.
Your tissue paper project looks fab already.

kaybee said...

Great tag - love how you have used the old wipes - very textural!

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

Blimey, sounds like you were very patient working it all out! Am very intrigued by your sneak of your next project too! Good luck with the colouring...that a lot of work!! Go for it!

Diana Taylor said...

What a lovely tag - the colour scheme is gorgeous and I love the idea of using your wipes from previous projects!

jgindy2015 said...

Great layering and use of papers