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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Key

This is for another challenge at SoulScrappers. The object of the challenge is to make a project or layout with the materials sent to you by the person running the challenge. You get a list of items you receive and then you should use as many of the items as possible. You can alter the items if you wish, by changing their color, cutting them, distressing them ect. All the items are relatively the same one could receive a different color of something or a different shape ect.
From top left to top right and so on I will try to lists all the items I received because I used them all.
1 green clock, part of the strip of green rhinestones,
2 a purple foil key
3 chipboard puzzle piece(promise) another part of the green rhinestone strip
4 manila leaf embossed tag, ribbon(roof), more of the green rhinestone strip, black arrow(door) blue roof was made with a square piece of burlap, and a button for doorknob.
5 next would be the black sparkly arrow pointing to my Quote 
6 next is the girl I cut from book paper not in the package. Lace that was in the package I used for her dress only it was ivory and I die it with ink using more of the green rhinestones for belt and sholder accents covering the staples holding the dress on, blue umbrella cut from the burlap supplied her hair is made from tiny beads supplied.
7 is the garden I was supplied with a brad that said bloom so I turned my hearts upside down so they looked like tulips not yet bloomed at least to me then I colored them with marker more of the green rhinestones for stems, the arrow for garden art, buttons as a post last piece was a blue foam foot I used the last of the blue burlap to kinda cut another one and they are footprints through my garden.

The only things I supplied on this page the 12X12 paper chosen for the multi colored background which I felt matched the colors of all my given items, the letters, hand cut doll figure and the typed Quote on the very bottom.
I'm supplying close ups below if you would like to look.

This was a blast I hope to do the next one.

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Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I just love the whole idea of people choosing what you used... Let me say, you used it well!