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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stamp TV Green color challenge - Mirror Image

Over at Stamp TV the color challenge on Monday was to use only Green and one neutral on your card.
Thought this would be a great time to do a Christmas Card!
Yes I know it's March, as a card maker I can never start to early with the biggest card giving time of the year.
Besides when the inspiration hits you why not take it and run with it.
One of my friends, Betty at Stamp TV was/is following a blog that makes Christmas Cards year round. That is a great way to relieve the stress of your list if it's long. My list is only about 30 or 40 people although I'm adding to it the more friends I make on line in the crafting community.
Back to the details of the card, All card stock is GKD, I use spruce and soft sand. The images are from Theresa Momber's set Very Merry Christmas an amazing illustrator for Gina K designs.
I keep updated on Theresa's blog via e-mail, as she always has such great instructions. Once she used a mirror image stamp to reverse an image.
Next time I went to Michael's Crafts I found the mirror image stamp (pictured on the bottom of photo click to enlarge). I will tell you it took me some practice even with a stamp-a-ma-jig. The ink from image does not transfer as dark as the stamped image.
Now that I've added just one more thing to your shopping list! I will be signing off I can here the coins leaving your pockets already. LOL
Have a wonderful day doing whatever you like best! :)



Betty Benton said...

Love your card. I'm not familiar with the reverse image stamp -- interesting!

Patti said...

Your are an enabler GF! My shopping list is long enough! LOL! Love your Christmas card in March!