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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi everyone! Today is One Layer Wednesday Challenge
This challenge has provided me with the opportunity to make some cards that I would have never dreamed of making. For those of you who are challenged in this one layer stuff, I will tell you it does get easier!
This week the challenge is to make a scene using no or as little color/technique a possible.
Scenes are one of my very favorite types of cards to make:). I started thinking of which GKD set I might use ..... then it struck me, I do have other stamps. OK not that many other stamps, mostly GKD which stand prominently on the shelf right above my head when I'm sitting at my stamping desk. So it is easy to forget about the other stamps I have! They need ink too! So I went to my bin labeled scenes, which I really didn't want to use. Thank goodness along the way, I had to move my bin labeled boys and this jet just jumped out and said use me, I promise I won't fail you! OK if you promise I said. I grabbed the matching universe stamp and started stamping. I really didn't like the first two attempts. You know how they say three is a charm! Both these stamps have seen ink only once before. Once I settled on the design, it still looked like it needed a bit more so I went to my sayings and words bin. The two words I used on this card have been sitting there for over a year and never had ink on them. Just what the scene needed!
That 's it for today running late so I better get ready for work! Split shift today so I will not be back have a wonderful day!


Patti said...

Oh I love this... makes your imagination soar!

Anonymous said...

What a cool boy card, I am very impressed.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

You layed this out perfectly! One of your very best.

Donelda said...

this is so adorable, my son would love to reaceive it as a card!!! Great take on the challenge!!

Susan said...

I love it! I would never have thought to create a scene like this...and it couldn't be more perfect for a special little guy!!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear that you've made a card with rarely used stamps. I'm making an effort to use some of my stamps more often.